On the Water Again!


With all the cosmetic damage repaired, our new rudder, and new bobstay we are back in the water!

Took a short hop down to downtown Charleston for a week to check out the city – tons of fun, now we’re heading south again, currently in Beaufort for the next few days waiting out some weather. ¬†Why does it seem to keep getting colder the further south we go?!?!

More writeups on our many boatyard projects coming up!




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4 responses to “On the Water Again!

Gerald linso

Ed and Vicky
Glad all is good in sailing heaven
I Have been very busy finally checked your site
Where are you 2 heading?
The good news is you are not in REAL COLD it’s been very cold in Philadelphia last 5 days or so warming to 50 this week

Have fun


Great to hear from you! We are still heading south – Currently in Beaufort, SC. Hoping to get to the warm weather in the next couple of weeks!

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