Our Sailrite LSZ-1 Ultrafeed Sewing Machine has been a staple on board. Despite having very limited space on our 30-foot boat, we made sure we made room for it. In preparation for our departure, one of the key projects was to replace the interior cushions. After we recovered from the initial shock of the quotes we received to have it done, we realized that getting the machine, plus materials and doing it ourselves would allow us to save quite a bit on this project – check out the results here. The machine is made for heavy duty sewing, very much needed if you suddenly find yourself with a rip in your sail. Coupled with the education and DIY videos on the Sailrite site and excellent phone project support, we went from not knowing how to sew to doing a number of projects to turn Elara into our cozy home. So far we’ve made cushions, replaced dodger panels, made our own vberth sheets and mattress pad, and the hanging organizers that serve as our closets for clothes.

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