boat work

Cleaning the water tanks

The previous owner of Elara had primarily used her for daysailing, not cruising, and as such hadn’t used the onboard tanks very much.  Unfortunately he left them filled as well, resulting in some seriously slimy/grody/smelly crap growing in ’em. Views 2884Likes 0

boat work


One of the issues we noted when getting Elara surveyed was elevated moisture levels in the deck around some of the stanchions and the traveller.  Not surprising, given that they were loose, and the bedding compound had dried and cracked.   Views 43748Likes 0


And we have a boat…

It was fall 2014.  Vicky and I had been sailing with the Liberty Sailing Club for 3 years, and “The Itch” had grown almost unbearable.  My dreams of boat ownership and sailing off into the sunset were so close I could taste them. Views 3950Likes 0