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Boatyard Project – Solar Install

When we first decided to go cruising on Elara, I decided that adding a solar panel would be a necessity at some point.  It wasn’t really super-urgent while heading down the ICW (since we were motoring everyday anyway to charge the batteries), it was definitely a “do before we head to the islands” project.  SittingRead more…

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Boatyard Project – Bimini Awnings

While I was hanging out in Philly and Ed was on the boat he was cooking up a few sewing projects for us. Once I got back to the boat, and after taking a few days to get over the fact that we were still in the boatyard, we got to it! Our boat hadRead more…

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When the original plans don’t work out, it’s time to make new plans.

We were sure we’d be in Miami for Thanksgiving! How could it possibly take more than two and a half months to make our way down the coast?! We (or more accurately I) imagined that each day would be perfect. We’d keep moving the desired distance from one place to the next, see a beautifulRead more…

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I Think We’re Done With the ICW

It’s been kind of hard to write a post since leaving Oriental, mostly because it’s much more fun to write about the fun exciting days of cruising than the crappy, everything-goes-wrong-broken-boat days of cruising. But that’s exactly where we are. The passage from Oriental to Beaufort was uneventful, and we spent a nice evening checkingRead more…

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Stuck In Oriental

The trip from Bellhaven to Oriental was long, but uneventful.  We weren’t even sure we were going to make it in one day, but with some favorable winds and a bit of motor sailing we were making good time.  As we transited the Pamlico river, we passed a bustling seafood dock.  According to activecaptain, boatsRead more…

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The great cushion project

After taking ownership of Elara, our first priority was to address the “hardware” issues – however, once we decided that we would be cruising on her, Updating the interior quickly became priority #2. Views 7075Likes 2

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Modding the main

When we bought Elara, one nice thing was that the sails were at excellent condition.  The genoa was literally brand new, and the main was only a few years old, and in exceptional condition.  The one problem is that it (the main) only had a single reef point…  While this would be fine for daysailing/racingRead more…