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Our super-professional, totally not jury rigged, depth sounder

So of course about a week before departure, our depth sounder decided to cough a few times and die. More specifically the transducer is either fouled or dead (it conked out once before, but came back to life once all the growth was scraped off). Not having time to do a haulout just to clean the depth sounder (and after a failed attempt at scrubbing the bottom from the dinghy) we decided to simply pick up an inexpensive depth sounder with a transducer that can be mounted inside the hull, rather than requiring a thru-hull. After a bit of boat yoga to mount the transducer and run the cable  IMG_0875.JPG

we had a functioning depth sounder again. However since this is (ostensibly) a temporary measure, I didn’t want to go drilling holes to mount the display in the cockpit. ¬†Thus, I give you the super professional, totally not jury-rigged, depth sounder install…


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