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Quick Update – Huricane Season 2016

We’ve been way way way behind on the blog and didn’t want to post new things until we caught up with all of the travel updates down to our initial destination of Miami Beach. It’s all coming, promise!

In the meantime we wanted to provide a quick update on where we are and our plan for the summer. We are currently at Indiantown Marina in Indiantown, FL, almost half way the Okeechobee Waterway. We decided that things were getting a bit too hot down in South Florida and we’d like to head back and visit our family and friends in Philadelphia. So we got to this boatyard last Friday, 6/3 and are scheduled to get hauled out tomorrow (6/9) at 9am. In the meantime we worked on a few key boat projects and got the boat ready for summer/hurricane storage. We’ll be sure to share how we got Elara ready for hot weather storage. Once the boat is out of the water, we’ll do a few final things on board, lock her up, arrange with the boatyard for monthly checks, etc, get in the car, cat and all, and drive back to Philly. 

Hard to believe that within a matter of days we will be back to our old stomping ground. Back to the land of amazing coffee shops, wonderful restaurants, our favorite hangouts and most importantly we’ll be reunited with all the people in Philly we love so much and have missed so dearly. Watch out Philly, we are heading back north!!!

So what’s next for us… To be honest, we aren’t sure yet. We have been mulling over a number of possibilities including looking for a bigger boat, pausing cruising for now, heading back to the boat in the fall and continuing on the Okeechobee Waterway to Florida’s West coast, the Keys and then Bahamas, going to France for a few months for a French immersion program… So as you can see we are all over the place, but as soon as we figure it out, we will share. 

While we may be a little slow with the updates on the blog, we do frequently post to our Facebook page. For more current updates, please follow the Catching the Horizon page on Facebook. And stay tuned, updates to come once we are back to air conditioning and recover from this heat. 

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