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Boatyard Project – Solar Install

When we first decided to go cruising on Elara, I decided that adding a solar panel would be a necessity at some point.  It wasn’t really super-urgent while heading down the ICW (since we were motoring everyday anyway to charge the batteries), it was definitely a “do before we head to the islands” project.  SittingRead more…

boat work, Gear

Modding the main

When we bought Elara, one nice thing was that the sails were at excellent condition.  The genoa was literally brand new, and the main was only a few years old, and in exceptional condition.  The one problem is that it (the main) only had a single reef point…  While this would be fine for daysailing/racingRead more…


Boat Bikes!

On a 30′ boat, space is always at a premium.  Once you account for all the “necessities” (safety gear, tools, spare parts etc…) You find yourself with about a small closet’s worth of space to pack your entire life into.  Thus, anything that saves space is precious and worth shelling out for. Views 4211Likes 0