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Cleaning the water tanks

The previous owner of Elara had primarily used her for daysailing, not cruising, and as such hadn’t used the onboard tanks very much.  Unfortunately he left them filled as well, resulting in some seriously slimy/grody/smelly crap growing in ’em.

Being as we want to actually be able to *use* our onboard water while cruising, I quickly made cleaning out the freshwater system priority #2 (right after rebedding the broken stanchions!).  Fortunately the tanks on the C30 are easily accessible/removable and feature nice inspection ports big enough to get my arm inside.  All the nasty stagnant water was drained out, and I went at ’em with a scrub brush and about a gallon of dishsoap!  After a lot of elbow grease they looked brand new!


Before - EWWWWWW
Before – EWWWWWW
After - much better!
After – much better!






Up in the spring, once the boat is de-winterized we’ll be refilling them with a dilute bleach solution and running it through the lines repeatedly to kill any nasties in the lines & pumps, and then installing a serious water filter under the sink!

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