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More Power!

Elara is a very “wired” boat.  Being that I’ll be working aboard, I need power for my laptop/ phone/tablet/chargers etc…  Since all these devices are ultimately DC powered, it didn’t make sense to install an inverter (DC->AC) just to be able to plug in an adaptor (AC->DC) to charge my electronics.  Instead, I figured the solution is more DC outlets!

As a side note, it puzzles me that a boat would have 20 AC outlets, which are only usable on shorepower and none/minimal DC outlets, which are useful wherever…  I guess designers expect most boats to spend most of their time at the dock.  Sad.  Personally I’d love an all DC boat with a big battery bank and just an inverter for the odd ac-only thing I need to run.

But I digress… anyway I found a nice panel from BlueSeas, which has both a straight 12v outlet, as well as a dual-usb (2.1a) outlet.  And the dimensions fit perfectly in the area between the electric panel and the nav table.  Sweet!

While I generally try to avoid cutting holes in my boat at any cost, I think this time it was worth it.  Now I can charge all my electronics right at the nav station.  Is it showing my geek-ness that I am entirely too excited over this?


Ready to cut... scary!
Ready to cut… scary!
always wear a mask when cutting fiberglass!
always wear a mask when cutting fiberglass!


label yo wires, son
label yo wires, son
it works! Vicky charging her phone...
it works! Vicky charging her phone…
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